Brooks Campaign – Behind the Scenes

Brooks Fox Ad(Photo above is a screen capture from Zinio.

Yesterday Andy picked up a copy of Bicycle Times (and then later got a Zinio subscription) and I spent a few minutes flipping through it but I didn’t get far because this ad stopped me in my tracks.  As a photographer, this image really appealed to me.  I love the humor in it and the use of the animals.  I immediately started wondering about it and dissecting it.  Who was the photographer?  How much of it was composited?  Was the fox real?  It looked too believable to be a stuffed one, and the hand placement around the tail and the fox’s body position also looked too believable to have been digitally added later.

So this morning, it was a nifty coincidence that Houndstooth Road tweeted about the exact same ad.  The Brooks website posted about this campaign back in March, complete with a behind the scenes video.

I thought I’d repost it here for anyone else who likes this sort of thing.  We recently put Brooks saddles on our PUBLIC Bikes, which were a huge improvement.  Andy took a lot of photos and will have a post coming soon.

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